Eastside Entrepreneurs

I’m honored to announce that I will be a panelist alongside San Jose’s scene-makers on May 19 for “Eastside Entrepreneurs Speaker Panel” by LEAD Filipino!

Check out the details here:

“Eastside Entrepreneurs will feature distinct Filipino and Filipina American leaders who had their beginnings in the San Jose and Eastside San Jose areas and took the opportunity to give back to their communities. These entrepreneurs have reshaped the San Jose/Greater Bay Area business landscape we know today, and L.E.A.D. Filipino asked them to come share their inspriational stories. Bringing together four heavy-hitting founders of San Jose-Based brands such as: the nationally-regarded tattoo artist and fashion tastemaker, Orly Locquiao; creative maker and innovative extraordinaire, Marie Millares; foodie turned Rice Rockit visionary, Jay Baltazar; and artist-photog-street brand turned chic designer, Francesca Mateo, Eastside Entrepreneurs will engage the audience in how these Filipino and Filipina American entrepreneurs created a whole new class of business creativity and innovation.

Through sharing personal stories and experiences, Eastside Entrepreneurs will show the youth of today that with determination and a vision – they too can achieve their dreams.”

I’m hella hyped to be a part of this line-up, especially because the other panelists heavily influenced my college experience as well as my years living in San Jose overall. It’s dreamlike to even be on that flyer with them!

With that being said, you’re all invited to Eastside Entrepreneurs and watch me do my best not to fangirl over these inspiring entrepreneurs. Click here for the FB event page.

See you all there!


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