Sneak Peek: SS2016 Growth

Rain or shine, a scheduled photoshoot is a scheduled photoshoot


San Francisco Bay Area temperatures have a mild range of 50F to 70F for the most part year round– anything below or above, we freak out. (Yes, I know. We are very spoiled.)

Although we consistently have a small range of weather conditions, the tricky part about growing up here is that…we don’t really have seasons. San Francisco and its surrounding cities sporadically spews fog like no other then shines the following day. There’s even a saying, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”

Thus, shooting a lookbook is always tricky for us. For example, our fall 2014 collection “Head in the Clouds” was shot in October, yet, there were no clouds.

We faced a similar predicament yesterday for our Spring/Summer 2016 Growth photoshoot.


Scorching 80F sun rays beamed into the Bay earlier this week. Perfect for setting the Spring/Summer vibes, right?

The sun may have been able to set the right seasonal tone for the collection, however, it ceased to shine when the weekend came. Frankly, Christopher and I actually hoped for fog to roll through (overcast prevents harshly lit and shadowed photos). And, well, we may have hoped a little too hard.

This blazing week concluded with El Niño’s infamous storm clouds and showers.


But, it worked for us nonetheless.

The mysterious Karl the Fog and the casting of reflections onto all wet surfaces made for an epic photoshoot.

DSC00768 And, as always, we had fun.

Besides, not all of our looks were photographed outside…



For this lookbook, we want to take you into the SF Bay Area experience– fog and all!

Stay tuned. SS2016 Growth drops tomorrow.



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