HerStory Summit pt. II : Rally for Women

If you haven’t seen the previous blog posts, I have spent the past week in New York City.

Why? Referring to the introductory post…

The real reason why I am in NYC is actually not touristy galore (although site-seeing is a wonderful perk!)

I am here in the Big Apple for the most global, heart-warming, inspiring, and empowering event I have ever attended: the first ever HerStory Summit! Hosted by LitWorld and Global Glow, girls and teachers from all over the world congregated to immerse in this 6 day conference full of art, music, and girl power.

LitWorld is Project PEARLS sister organization that helps us and other foundations in several countries to uplift girls and women through education. Project PEARLS is my mom’s foundation. And, because of this amazing connection, I was able to attend the HerStory Summit with my mom and our two LitWorld teachers Karen and Peachy.

Sounds like an amazing opportunity, right?

It gets even better.

In our first full day together, we joined the NGO rally for the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women! The congregation of brave voices speaking out for women’s rights was especially larger this day.


This day brought hope.

In this event alone, we witnessed women and men enthusiastically voicing the need for equality. People of all colors, sizes, and ages gathered harmoniously. Seeing our summit’s girls– whom are as young as ten years old!– recognize the importance of equal opportunity is hopeful. They are proof of a brighter future.

DSC09749 DSC09723

DSC09762 DSC09766 DSC09777

Women are the greatest untapped resource the world has seen and we are about to unleash it! The world is about to see women power like they have never seen before!

-Laurie Combo, councilwoman of New York City

DSC09796 DSC09825 DSC09915


Equality and love and peace and empowerment– all great reasons that brought the ambassadors together.

Although we were brought together by the summit, there is one thing that instantly connected us: music.


Yes, our ambassadors danced their hearts out at a UN-related event!


Can you believe that this is only day one?


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