Herstory Summit pt. I : Meeting and Greeting

The real reason why I am in NYC is actually not touristy galore (although site-seeing is a wonderful perk!)

I am here in the Big Apple for the most global, heart-warming, inspiring, and empowering event I have ever attended: the first ever HerStory Summit! Hosted by LitWorld and Global Glow, girls and teachers from all over the world congregated to immerse in this 6 day conference full of art, music, and girl power.

DSC09531 DSC09521

These ambassadors represented India, Egypt, Nepal, Haiti, Kenya, Columbia, Nicaragua, and Jordan. Ambassadors from various parts of the United States came through as well– in Jackson, Missippi, Santa Fe, California, and Detroit, Michigan.

And each delegation were not only eager to share their culture with everyone but they were also excited to learn about each other’s.DSC00419

Despite being worlds apart and language barriers, smiles and laughter flowed naturally in this past week.



I’m going to share more about this summit soon enough. I wanted to share with you a preview for now!

So I’ll leave this post with this note written by one of the students. This post-it note– although small and simple–  embodies the theme of our days together:



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