Being a Tourist in NYC pt. II : Central Park

A place for nature’s serene powers is essential for a big city with nonstop commotion.

Hence, Central Park in New York, New York. This park, built in 1853, serves New Yorkers and its visitors. The city’s government built it with the intent to “improve public health and contribute greatly to the formation of a civil society” of its rapidly growing home.


I may go to work and school in SF but the massiveness is nothing compared to New York City. Greenery speckles throughout urban areas in the Bay so access to a quiet break from honking cars and crowds isn’t too hard to fine. Thus, being at Central Park eased homesickness. The park’s vivacious scenery refreshes its visitors from the gray-toned skyscrapers.



(Let’s pretend for a moment that this ice skating rink wasn’t owned by a fascist)


Although winter only recently ended, hundreds of flowers bloomed beautifully throughout the park.

It was like Wonderland in the middle of the city.



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