Hello, Boston! Featuring the Bern

I would consider Cestine, Camille, and I as politically aware young adults. (Yes, don’t give up on millennials. There’s more to us than selfies and hoverboards.)

As womyn of color who’s had enough with misogynist superior complexes and ignorance’s racist comments –like “Where are you really from?”—  it would only be appropriate that one of our Bostonian stops would be an art show titled The Art of A Political Revolution. 

The three of us, along with our friend Katy, made our way to the gallery Artists for Humanity to discover social justice in different art forms. Little did we know that the art show was funded by a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President: Bernie Sanders.


DSC08928 DSC08913


Whether you are a Sanders supporter or not, the artwork on display was undeniably powerful.


All the pieces ignited emotions– good and bad.

And each, made you think.


What about society today inspired the artist to create this piece? How does this piece reflect society? What is the artist’s goal in this message? And, what is Bernie Sander’s role in this message?


I am not claiming I am voting for or against Bernie Sanders. But, as I said earlier, we came for the thought-provoking artwork. Mission succeeded.


P.s. After the show, it began lightly snowing. Cestine and I– two Bay Area girls– were lost in amaze. Katy and Camille, on the other hand, couldn’t stop cursing under their breath haha.

The snow only lasted for 20 minutes. I’m happy nonetheless. I never photographed snowfall before!


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