Hello, Boston! | Back Bay to Fenway

Our first full day in Boston included streetwear, fresh air, history, and satisfying eats.

After layering up from head-to-toe (Uniqlo– you da one for your heat-tech), Camille, Cestine, and I headed out to the boutique Bodega.

Its rightfully earned tagline,”Hidden in plain sight,” perfectly describes the exterior of Bodega. Can you spot a luxe streetwear store here?


Inside the liquor store mask is a high quality streetwear boutique. A lavish shelf spread across the long wall to serve as an extravagant display for the  apparel, giving a first-class type of experience for its visitors.

Looking through the store’s pieces made me feel as though I was a secret agent selecting my undercover gear– do I go for the NikeLab look or HUF’s cut-and-sew? Decisions, decisions… (That my imagination made because my wallet cannot hang with that lol)


The store’s track jacket bench and large accenting art piece were two of my many favorite decorative pieces of the store. I immediately thought how genius it was to revamp old and tattered pieces like thus. Also, for the fancy set up, I thought that it was cutely funny that they picked such an adorable art piece.

We then headed out to Newbury Street where I reunited with Amorino’s famous rose petal gelato-scoops. This used to be my treat to myself after a long day at school when I studied abroad in Paris five years ago. Every lick of this treat had me nostalgic of my study abroad experience. Mm, Paris.


One of our Newbury stops was at Johnny Cupcakes as well. Johnny Cupcakes is a clothing brand known for its playful graphic t-shirts and charm. Being one of my favorite brands growing up, I was happy to finally have stepped into one of its first flagship stores.

Here’s a little throwback photo from when Ann@Empire and I met Johnny Cupcakes himself in 2012 at a meet-and-greet ice cream party in San Francisco.

Our next stop was a 19th century treasure: the Boston Public Library McKim Building. Home to millions of books, this library has opened its doors since 1852 to allow anyone to discover its never ending pages and exhibits.


The architecture of the library itself marveled us with its marble structures and accenting artwork


Its grandiose design, as Camille says, makes you feel as though you are stepping into the Harry Potter universe. All the library misses are animated paintings.


Taking a break from shops and buildings, we decided to stroll down Boston Public Garden and Boston Common for fresh wintery air. Despite the hibernating tree leaves and frozen bodies of water, the landscapes of both parks were peacefully beautiful.

Hello, George Washington!


All the walking had our stomachs grumbling right away so we hopped on the train to go from Back Bay to Fenway.


For dinner, we made our way to the trendy Asian-fusion Tiger Mama.

As Asians ourselves, we did enter the restaurant with skepticism. However, as soon as we began eating, we were impressed by every single dish. The dishes’ deliciousness distracted me from photographing their delectable presentation. T’was that good.

Oh! But, I did take the time to appreciate that the coconut rice actually came in coconut cans. Genius!


And that concludes this Boston blog post.

Talk don’t cook rice.



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