Hello, Boston! | Late Night Snacks

My eighth grade class took a field trip to Boston in which my friends constantly (and probably annoyingly) repeated the phrase in Boston to describe anything we did. Hopped off a plane in Boston. Ate a bowl of clam chowder in Boston. High-fived in Boston.

I am back at one of US’ oldest cities 11 years later to visit my college friend, Camille, alongside my best friend, Cestine. Gratefully, I can now say I drank a yummy cocktail in Boston, treated my tastebuds like a foodie in Boston, and explored the city’s streets from day to late night in Boston.

Once Cestine and I landed, Camille asked if we were hungry. The answer? F. Yes. (Give us a break, we were on the plane for five hours.) First stop: Toro, a tapas bar in the South End.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

The combination of a few Spanish appetizers and cocktails fulfilled our hangry needs as the rustic ambience warmed us from the East Coast winter night. If you ever find yourself here, I highly recommend the bone marrow dish and the corn dish… and the paella… and any of the cocktails… Actually, just go and eat anything. You’ll be happy.

Speaking of being happy…

We celebrated the phrase There’s always room for dessert” by concluding our first evening in Boston at a Caffebene. From tiramisu to insane fruit-shaved-ice mixes– Caffebene specializes in desserts with an Asian flavor. This beauty, right here, is a honey waffle with bananas, whip cream, caramel, and hot fudge.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

The layout is relaxed, cozy, and had me wishing I had a house like it.

Mm, feels good to be back in Boston. (And with freedom from my eighth grade curfew.)



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