Behind the scenes with Ray

HELLO WORLD (pun intended aha),

I’m finally letting my “sun-rays” shine, as Francesca would put it. As you know, the Empire Team has recently traveled to the snowy mountains of Yosemite National Park to shoot the newest collection, “Hello, World.”BTS_HelloWorldCollection_035For me, and the models Gian and EJ, it was pretty much our first time going to Yosemite. I personally didn’t know what to expect, I was just super excited for whatever we had in stored for us. The drive was four hours long, but once we left the bay and hit Mother Nature, the scenery was just magical.

When I’m shooting behind the scenes for Empire, I generally try to get as much fun, quirky, goofy moments of the shoot. It’s always a great day whenever we are all together especially in locations so fascinating like Yosemite.

Look, I caught a rare Chris smiling!!


Because Chris never smiles in front of a camera, I think I’m going to make it a mission now to catch them, ahaha.

For this trip especially, other than the photo shoot for the collection, I was also on a mission of my own. I was there to “catch ‘em all.”

My partner Shinx and I!

Earlier this year, I actually started a 366 days photography challenge, but with a twist. Pokemon would appear in my photos! So throughout the shoot, my imagination went wild, as I saw Pokémon here and there.

Gian, EJ, and I even made a lot of Pokemon jokes and references, that it was hard for Chris and Francesca to keep up.

Francesca and Swablu

Even Francesca brought her Pokemon along the trip. (Even though she may not know what Pokemon that is ahaha).

As the day started to end, we had our final shoot at first place we started. And honestly, that day was sooo fun that all of us just want to relive that day. Hopefully next time we go, the whole Empire Team can make it!


Lastly, check out the behind the scenes video I made for fun and quirkiness from the team!

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