Snow Way

Snow, snow puns, Pokemon and Harry Potter references, and an abundance of scenic moments came together in one of our most invigorating photo-shoots yet. Because our upcoming collection Hello, World encompasses a mountain-top spirit, Christopher and I believed that Yosemite National Park is the one drivable location that could manifest the Hello, World character.

DSC08021 DSC08026

We reserved January 16 as our lookbook day– rain (snow) or shine– and, luckily for us, Mother Nature graced us with fresh powder and just the right temperatures to freely roam the granite paradise.



Ever since the 2014 Head in the Clouds collection, our friends EJ and Gian sort of became our honorary models. These two have a keen eye for harmoniously composing clothing that– for a lack of better words–helps us look good.

With Yosemite’s natural beauty and their styling for Hello, World, the two magically complemented each other and made the Empire Team’s job a whole lot easier.


The varying color schemes throughout the park had me itching to paint its wondrous hues. Snow-speckled mountains poking the pastel blue skies while gold attempted to take over the trees’ verdant– it was le coup de foudre. I made sure to take photos specifically for art references later on. Here are a few:

We wrapped up the photo-shoot at the location we began with… in which the boys assured they took one last I-was-here type of photo.

As much as I laughed at the fact that all three of them simultaneously concentrated on their shoes, I couldn’t hate. I took mine earlier that day (lol.)


Other than shoe pictures, we took advantage of the remaining sun rays to capture Hello, World, EJ, and Gian for the last time.



And that concludes Hello, World. For now.

Hello, World debut is coming  soon to a worldwide web near you.


P.s. Note-to-self, upgrade Pokemon knowledge by tenfolds before hanging out with EJ, Giann, and Ray again. Totes did not snow what they were saying. Hopefully the next time I see them, I can appropriately say Icy, icy.

P.s.s. Eyebrows on sleet.

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