Lighting the Way to 2016

To adorn 2016 with luck for another year well-travelled, Christopher and I spent New Year’s Day with a fresh breeze and a moderate hike.DSC07252

We parked our car at a cliff top, climbed down its ridge, descended a seemingly endless staircase, then finally, saw the sea-edge attraction: the Point Reyes Lighthouse

This nearly 150 year old treasure proudly stands a few hundreds of feet above the California shoreline. Visitors can enjoy the coastal views surrounding lighthouse as well as view its inner structure.

Not only does the lighthouse grant its many visitors the ocean’s cooling sensation, it also provides a perfect viewpoint to spot whales peeping through the blue as if to say hello to the human spectators.



If only I had the lens to capture the massive creatures’ liveliness… (You can check out the Flickr feed here to see the whaling potential this spot has– pun intended.) Although I couldn’t photograph any of the whales, I’m delighted we were able to see any at all!  Besides, capturing Point Reyes’ landscape is easily beautiful. Just look at it!

DSC07322 DSC07332 DSC07337


P.s. Looking for Luke somewhere…


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  1. Moritz says:

    Looks truly enjoyable. Thanks for sharing all these amazing pictures 🙂

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