NYE in Monterey

To conclude 2015’s year of cross-country travels– from Texas to Hawaii to New York and to a whole bunch of places in between– Christopher and I dove into nature’s greatness once more for New Year’s Eve.

After a two hour car ride with Justin Bieber playing on almost every station (which, according to Christopher, makes it a great car ride), we found ourselves in Monterey.

First stop: the Monterey Bay Aquarium


The Monterey Bay Aquarium serves as a fun educational adventure that teaches all ages about the ocean. It allows its visitors to explore various depths and the creatures that live in them. As writer Anne Stevenson once said, “The sea is as near as we come to another world.”

The healthier the beach is, the more wildlife you can see. That’s what makes Monterey the perfect location for an aquarium. Wildlife surrounds Monterey and the aquarium does its part to take care of it.

The aquarium is not only a tourist attraction but it is also a center for marine biology research and animal rehabilitation. The conservation sector of Monterey Bay Aquarium focuses on how to save and improve the lives for marine animals. This includes sea otters, sharks, and tuna.


After Christopher and I finished a full lap around the massive underwater-like museum, we headed out to appreciate Monterey’s waters even more by wandering down one of its beaches.


As the sun set, dozens of colors gently touched the horizon and expanded to the heavens.



Where will 2016 bring us next?

Happy New Year, everyone!


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