The Weather Outside is Weather

Winter Break, so far, looks like this.


Growing up with the Bay Area’s abundant beach access and mild range of “hot vs cold,” my spirit longs for the ocean breeze and its soothing coastal kisses… whilst avoiding anywhere going beyond the Bay’s cool extremities.

In other words, I usually pass up the invitation to anywhere colder than a Bay Area winter. Which, if you aren’t familiar with California coastal cities, isn’t that cold at all.


However, upon realizing that ten years passed since I last encountered the white fluff, I joined Christopher and his family to enjoy California’s much needed snow.


Snow enlivened the mountain range as the trees contrasted the pastel blue landscape.

The drive alone was enchanting.

DSC06808DSC06751 DSC06783 DSC06862

Each step we took in its delicateness mesmerized us. Can you believe that this sparkling element comes from the heavens?


(If Christopher wrote this post, he would have said “Yes, snow is just crystalized water.”)



Well, crystalized water, I’m sorry I underestimated your beauty. I will be sure to see more of you while you are still here.





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