“Thumb Driven” by Nina Tabios for the Hone Collective

In this era of worldwide web, the connectivity between one and his/her audience becomes more relevant than ever. This constant access to everyone and everything drives creatives to unstoppably work for their following. Us at Empire included.

Nina Tabios, from the online magazine Hone Collectivecame over recently to interview me about this phenomenon and the hypes and gripes of social media’s role in entrepreneurship. As Nina put it, “The brand has a genuine heart beating behind it, but it still remains a business; one that not only thrives but is dependent on a pressurized need to be relevant yet unique at the same time in a crowded, competitive industry oftentimes dominated by lesser vices.”

Photo by Nina Tabios- The Hone Collective
Photo by Nina Tabios- The Hone Collective

Nina also interviewed two other talented artists, Melissa Catahan and Sean Amador, whom are both known for their imaginative takes on photography.

Be sure to check out the full article here.


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  1. Michael Wong says:

    Impressive! Thanks for the great post.

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