Ladies First: Black Sunday

Spontaneous trips can be the best trips, especially if it involves the art of fashion and  womyn who create it.


Los Angeles lured Jelyn and I in with its bright lights, sunlight kisses, and Ladies First Events. Ladies First Events creates platforms to “celebrate and support” womyn by creating an inviting community for “creative entrepreneurs, tastemakers & influencers.”

Cestine, Nea, and I went earlier this year to one of their events and I knew that I had to go back. The positivity of beautiful vibes inside-and-out was unreal as brands and craftswomyn presented their work. Plus, one characteristic that I appreciate about LA is the daring “outfits of the day” with no apologies or shits given. Going to Ladies First, you get the sense that the attendees fashionably express themselves for themselves, not for anyone else.


Thankfully, Jelyn was down for the ride and Cestine and her sister Chelsea were able to meet us up!


This past Sunday, Ladies First hosted a “Black Sunday” with a nail and henna tattoo station,


lady DJs who kept the energy live and food&drinks to keep us fueled


and so much vendors, shopping options were indoors and outdoors.

Can’t wait to enter this flavorful playground once again! But, for now, here’s a photo of the furry balls that Jelyn, Cestine, and Chelsea obsessed over from Ladies First.DSC05965

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