From the Sea to the Sky in British Columbia

Whoever gave the saying “head in the clouds” a negative connotation has never travelled to the Pacific Northwest.

From Oregon to British Columbia, Canada, the thick clouds swallowed us whole. And we loved it.

“I’m so sorry you missed the good weather!” many local Canadians told us. Christopher and I would simply smile and assure them that we were astounded by their country’s beauty nonetheless.

The blanket of clouds tucking in landscapes actually added to the grandeur of British Columbia’s mountains and seasides. With the clouds, our day spent in Squamish felt heavenly. The tones of white and gray gives a soft dreaminess to the forests and, luckily for us, Squamish has opportunities to indulge it all– from “sea to sky.”

Squamish’s  Sea to Sky Gondola takes visitors from the bottom of the mountain to the 885m (2,850 ft) top


As the ten-minute-long ride took us further and further from the shoreline, the more clouds and treetops we met at eye-level. It was exhilarating. DSC05010When we reached the top (and my legs regained its stability from the shaky height), we began our sky-high adventures. But, in order to get to the hiking trails, we first had to cross the suspension bridge.



Whoever thought we could walk above the trees?


Christopher and I hiked around the mountain top after crossing the bridge. Our favorite spot we found was the Chief’s Plateau.


The locals told us that this view point usually captures how illuminating the mountain ranges are. We’ll be sure to come back one day to see that view ourselves but we still enjoyed the mysterious sight ahead of us. The clouds rolled in as if with an endless agenda, surrounding us in its greatness.


As the day was ending, Christopher and I headed back down to sea-level to capture the Squamish beauty in a different perspective.


From sky down to the sea, the view still amazed.

DSC05147 DSC05164


The fog may have hid much of the British Columbia’s landscape but, because it was still incredible (even if it was only partial) Christopher and I are motivated to come back for more.


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