Portland: the Weird and the Wonderful pt. I

After countless days of more hours in the library than in bed sleeping, Christopher and I hopped on a plane to free ourselves from our 6am-6pm hustle.And I couldn’t be happier.

Don’t get me wrong– Christopher loves his job and I truly love school and my job too but–  nature and wanderlust called for us to learn beyond the classroom and office space once again.

First stop: the Screen Door in Portland, Oregon.


Starting off a trip by fulfilling the stomach’s needs is one of the best ways to do so (especially if you happen to be at a homey restaurant that serves banana foster french toast and fried chicken and gravy sandwiches on biscuits.)

Look at how happy he is!


Once we fueled up on scrumptious Portland goodness, we drove off to a must-see scenery that friends, Pinterest, Yelp, Xanga, and Myspace all recommended…

The grand 627 feet tall Multnomah Falls


Upon seeing the bottom of the falls to hiking to its top– Multnomah reminded me of how beautiful, lush and rejuvenating nature is. Simply breathing the air felt healing.

I couldn’t help but think of how much fun Mother Nature must have had while painting different textures into her landscape


And we sure enjoyed weaving through her layers to discover them

I’m not so sure why people call Portland the land of the weird but, so far, all I got from it was wonderful.



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