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Because we hope to encourage others to build their own Empires, each collection represents that message for you (our supporters) to proudly wear. Whether it be dance, tricking, music or any other vocation, we are a lifestyle to support all your passions.

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April Perez can’t exactly pinpoint the moment she realized she wanted to be a nurse but she does remember shows such as House and Grey’s Anatomy peaking her interest about the medical field. As a third year nursing student at the University of San Francisco, she has been working hard to make her dream into a reality. Skills labs, clinicals, and regular core classes give April a full plate to manage on a daily basis.

“I’m only a nursing student so it’s not really an empire yet, it’s more like a little town that i’m working on. The struggle is trying to figure out what I want to do, but [right] now it’s a matter of getting there. Nursing is a good investment as far as financial standing goes, but I like to think that that’s beside the point. I want to see all the crazy things that people do [that hurts] their bodies and I want to be the one to fix it. I hope to be an ER, ICU, Pediatrics, or NeoNatal nurse. Neonatal ICU [takes care of] dying babies.. sounds really sad right? But they seem so interesting and if i could do something with that much impact, I’d feel really good about myself at the end of the day.


This semester has[n’t] been [the best] for me just because it started off so slow. Psych clinical isn’t as up to speed as what I would like it to be. I like to be busy, I like to DO. I want to keep doing what I can for everyone else and at the same time, take care of myself.”

For the hard work she’s putting in to the last half of her undergraduate nursing degree, the last words April needs to hear are of discouragement.

“A week or two ago, I was at CPMC because I had to bring my grandma to the ER. I was stressed out that whole week. I didn’t eat that day and it was already 5 o’clock. The nurse there was super cool—she was showing me how to put an IV onto my grandma. So when you insert an IV, the expectancy is that there’s some blood that comes out. A little more than some blood came out. And I [thought to myself], ‘Okay, no big deal, I’ve seen more.’ But I [went] to go get water [and] I guess I got up too quickly[.]

Another nurse came over to assist me and make sure I was okay and [after I told her what happened, she said,] “Maybe you shouldn’t be in the hospital.”
I said, “Oh, that’s funny because I’m studying to be a nurse.”
“Maybe you shouldn’t become a nurse,” she said.

It didn’t sound that bad when I was there but I thought about it later and I was so offended. I’ve been working on a nursing degree for almost three years now and someone tells me I shouldn’t be one? It was all out of context for her but for me [I heard it as]—‘You shouldn’t be a nurse.’ I worked so hard for this. Why would [she] tell me that?

But.. the more I think about it, it’s more like, who cares what she says? she’s just one person and I don’t even know who she is. So I’ll continue to do what I do, and show that lady, whoever she is, and show everyone else, that I deserve to be a nurse.”


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