Empire Team BBQ

After a night of celebration, a mellow Sunday evening with delicious food, great company, and good vibes is all we needed to top off our Empire weekend.


As we waited for dinner, we spent quality time together and even took part in team bonding games.


Francesca’s mom set up a beautiful array of dishes for our kamayan feast (kamayan is a filipino term for eating with your hands). Adobo pot pies, corn, bullgogi, rice, noodles, and sinigang on a stick (yep, on a stick) were set up on a table covered with banana leaves. No plates were necessary — that’s what the banana leaves are for. Spoons and forks were used for serving purposes but other than that, we embraced dinner with our messy hands. Other than a few “mmmm’s” and “ugh, this is so good,” the table was silent — an indication that the meal hit the spot.


After, a mini photoshoot commenced, we sat down together to talk about the future of Empire. Complimenting the new upcoming collection is a new twist on #MyEmpireInTheAir created by our film and photography interns, a magazine with inspiring features and a recap of the year, and many events.

With members all across the Bay Area who carry busy lives and schedules, this barbecue where most of our team was available was a perfect opportunity to bond, strengthen the core foundation of our company, and remember our common goal — to continue building Empire and releasing content that inspires others to follow their Empire in the Air.

Be on the lookout for our upcoming creations — we’ve been cookin up some great stuff for y’all!


One Comment Add yours

  1. AstraLogik says:

    Seriously Lovin the style the message the sense of community I feel from ur line and your blog 🙂

    We would love to collaborate soon!

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