Out in Oakland

From open mics to  kickball tournaments– we do our best in centralizing our events towards community. We strive to be your go-to pick-me-up when building your own Empire.

However, one aspect of Empire-building that we haven’t celebrated in a while is… the act of having fun.

That brings us to last weekend.

We hosted a pop-up shop/party “Out in Oakland”  this past Saturday at BRIX 581 with the following objectives:  bring Empire to the the Town, party it up with the community, and… to celebrate my 24th birthday.


Sam@Empire assured that we would hold the event in an entertaining venue that could accommodate not only for a party but for vending space. She did a great a job if you ask me! This is the second event we held in Oakland and, thanks to my right hand womyn, we’re on a nice (and hella crackin’) start.


Thank you to the Empire Team for holding down the vendor fort!

And, to all our new and old supporters– thank you for the love! Y’all gave the night its vivacious energy!

Now to the party portion… Do I have to say much?

Check out the new hats by the Whole Nine! They’re lit.


Our homie Steve Ha came through with his crew. Be sure to check out his artwork here!


Although we called the party Out in Oakland, people from all over the Bay Area partied with us for the night

Home-Home (Daly City), SF, Vallejo, San Jose, Richmond, and, of course, Oakland itself– we had representation from all.

I can’t express enough gratitude for everyone that started off my 24th year hella strong! New homies, old homies– I’m blessed!


P.s. More photos will be uploaded to our Facebook Page.

P.s.s. For drinks, music, and food, check out BRIX 581 at 581 5th St. Oakland!

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