SoleSpace x Concrete Runners

SoleSpace served as more than a shoe store in Oakland. It opened its doors as a space for the Town’s “artivists and activists” to come together these past 3 years.


This haven for community met a financial hurdle due to construction on Telegraph Ave. SoleSpace, in response, opened a second location for sales. However, because it’s smaller, SoleSpace seeks to maintain open doors for Oakland in its original location.

Then came Concrete Runners.

The running group Concrete Runners used their “soles to create a movement in the streets.” As one of the fundraisers to help keep SoleSpace leap over the hurdle, Concrete Runners came together to create a running/yoga day party yesterday.

And thanks to Sam@Empire and Tiff from Concrete Runners, we had the opportunity to join the movement.

Because Christopher, Sam, and I went to college in San Jose, majority of our events and networks up to this point have been in the South Bay. It was refreshing for us to be part of a new entity– we’re honored to have one of our first Oakland events be one that benefits the community.


Thank you to Concrete Runners and SoleSpace for inviting our “soles!”



P.s. We are having another event Out in Oakland! And… it may or may not also be my birthday party. We hope to see you all there! #SupportLocal


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