#MyEmpireInTheAir — @jooleethefoodie

What drives you? brings you at peace? makes you ready to get-up-and-go in the morning?

Is it dance? Tricking? Music?

Because we hope to encourage others to build their own Empires, each collection represents that message for you (our supporters) to proudly wear. Whether it be dance, tricking, music or any other vocation, we are a lifestyle to support all your passions.

We feature others’ Empires right here on the blog and we want you to be part of the journey.



Clinical rotations, facilitating executive board meetings, studying, and trying to make the most of her college experience are a few of the activities Juliette Langit juggles on a day to day basis. As a senior nursing major at the University of San Francisco and as President of Kasamahan, the University’s Pilipino American Student Association, Julie serves as an active student and leader. Her undergraduate life is busy yet nevertheless fulfilling.

Last week, Julie sat down with us to tell us about her Empire.

“The steps i’m taking to build my empire are getting my education on track but also forming relationships with people who are going to be there for the rest of my life. Having those connections along with building the my education will lead to not only jobs but a sense of community around me that fosters love, respect, and unity.

I think I would consider this community at USF my empire because as a student leader on campus I feel like there’s a sense of responsibility to not only your community at school, but your community that is the city. For me, [it’s] the Filipino community in the city.

I’m more centered around the community than I thought I would be when I first came to USF. I think to continue [Kasamahan’s] legacy, you have to inspire not only the immediate people around you [executive board], but the larger membership as a whole. Because when you inspire them, it makes them want to be student leaders as well [in order to] make changes in our community. So, it’s all about inspiring and showing that we are a family [and more than] just acquaintances on campus.”

Show us your Empire! Tag us in your post and use #myempireintheair or e-mail us at hello@empireintheair.com.


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