Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Empire in the Air started out because I wanted to combine my love for design and writing as a means to help the community–local and beyond.

Little did I know that along the way, others would join the journey and grow this concept of Empire even more.


Sam@Empire asked each of them why the joined the team.

Each person, it seemed like, came to Empire almost naturally.DSC00608 Sam and I met at a PCN, Chris was the photographer for my PCN, Jelyn was my roommate… so on and so forth. Whatever mystical factors of life resulted in this team were– thank you! I couldn’t be happier knowing that these are the folks that I get to work side-to-side with.


They all seek to fulfill our mission of helping others build their Empires

And, along with the right amount of drive, they also have a sense of adventure and… quirk.

The biggest common denominator between each and every member of the Empire team is the aspire to inspire. And having worked with all of them in some shape or form, I know they already have and I can’t wait to see how else they will.


Last Sunday, the Empire team and I drove out the bustlin’ Bay Area to the naturally beautiful Point Lobos.

This was the first time almost all of us came together. This was our first ever retreat.


The first half of the retreat was spent exploring the park’s beach trails. Damn, it was surreal how blue and pristine the water was.



Our first [and spontaneous] team building activity was to stack rocks together… It sounds a lot harder than it sounds, okay?

This then led to our second activity: knock the stack down.

After exploring the different coves and mini beaches, we mellowed down the agenda with lunch and discussion.

We answered questions about ourselves and our personal goals for Empires. We also brainstormed on how we can further develop Empire as a platform for you.


A couple of hours later, we decided to conclude our retreat on the cliffside. There, we refined our roles on the Empire Team.


It was a peaceful ending to a peacefully productive day.

DSC01113 DSC01129

Hello, this is the Empire Team!

  • Art Director, Founder- ChiChai (hi!)
  • Media & Operations- Chris
  • Event Planner- Sam
  • Media Representatives- Ray and Ella
  • External Affairs- Jelyn, Joey, Aiko, and Ann
  • Internal Affairs- Ann and Junior
  • Social Media & Content Intern- Kiersten
  • Finance & Marketing Intern- Aserette

We can’t wait to meet you.


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