Christopher and I had one of those why-not, now-or-never type of mornings on Sunday.

If you grew up next to the ocean, you probably suffer from a sort of homesickness when you haven’t seen it in a while too. Well, that’s happened to me quite a lot lately…. especially when I realized I only visited the beach once this summer.

With that being said, Christopher and I decided to go all out and stop by several beaches. We went on a Highway 1 day trip– from Monterey to Big Sur.

Although we were exhausted from the kickball tournament the day before, we knew that Sunday would be the best day to feed my need for the ocean shore. We happened to have nothing scheduled that day (trust me, a very rare case) and I completed majority of my homework a few days before. It was now or never– when else would we get a perfect Sunday?

So we went…

The following photos are from the 17 Miles in Monterey



Biggest challenge of the day: taking photos without strangers in them. There were a whole lot of tourists journeying Highway 1 too!


But hey, can you blame them? California is beautiful.

DSC09826 DSC09822

Even Taylor enjoyed the trip (I think)

The famous Bixby Bridge in Big Sur

DSC09917 DSC09905

I sat on the very end of the bridge with this little feller


As Christopher and I drove down Highway 1, I peeked out the window and exclaimed that we had to stop. This is why.


We went further down Big Sur to conclude our drive at McWay Falls in Julia Pfeiffer State Park. Walking towards the water fall was a peek into paradise.



This definitely fulfilled my withdrawals from Mother Ocean’s healing presence. California, despite the drought, you sure spoil us with your grandeur.


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