Mural for Project PEARLS

My mother wanted me to come with her to the homeland this month but my bank account couldn’t budge with graduate school around the corner. As much as I want to reconnect with the warm smiles of the Project PEARLS children, I’m happy with how my mom managed to bring a part of me to the Philippines.

She asked if I could design a mural for our Learning Center in Batia, Bulacan. My answer: of course.

photo 5

When my mom told me who would bring my artwork to life, I couldn’t believe it.

Led by the amazing painter Ryan V. Legaspi, my doodles became a collaborative effort between the children, the volunteers, and basketball players from PBA and NBA.

My goal was to reflect the hospitable warmth of the PEARLS’ children and the Philippines itself– I even based the characters from photos I’ve taken during my visits.

I just really wanted to portray that being Filipino is beautiful.

Thank you NBA players Alec Burks and Craig Brown; PBA players, Jayson Castro, Ranidel De Ocampo, Beau Belga for finishing the mural of our PEARLS Learning Center in Bulacan! You guys all made our center more beautiful and meaningful.

Extra huge shout-out to NBA Cares for making this all possible and to Ryan for not only staying true to my style but enhancing it!

– ChiChai@Empire

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