FAMESS2015 pt.1

FAME– Fashion, Art, Music, and Entertainment– gathered Bay Area artisans once again to San Jose for a night to showcase their craft. Rather than a small space allotted for a table and a clothing rack like other vending events we participate in, artists go all out in creating a pop-up shop for their brands. I’m proud to say that we were one among the many local talents.

Sam@Empire, Ann@Empire, and I made sure to take advantage of this opportunity. The two Pinterest-pinners used their visual experiences to curate our set up and assured we had a hospitable booth that allowed others to get a feel of the brand instantly.


And… I think it worked.

So many people showed us support of Empire’s mission, I felt reassured that we are on the right track. I can’t describe how heart-warming it was to see old and new homies connect to our brand.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth either to shop or even to chat it up about art and fashion! Y’all made our night!

Also, thank you to those who shared their Empires with us.

We brought #MyEmpireInTheAir with a community chalkboard that allowed passersby to write down the dream they’re aspiring to turn into reality.


The end result was beautiful. I feel blessed that people of all ages shared a piece of their heart with us and I hope that upon seeing others’ Empires, they’re motivated to keep going.


Thank you to the FAME staff and Bobbi Vie for the hospitality– we can’t wait until next year! And, again, thank you to all the supporters! You’re making our journey worthwhile.


More FAME posts to come including behind-the-scenes, Empire Team ridiculousness, and more!

– ChiChai@Empire

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    1. I appreciate that! Thank you!

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