Fall 2015: Welcome to

Adventure summoned us.

Halfway into the year, adventure lured us to different parks, beaches, and mountains throughout our home-state California and even in six other states. Each adventure required us to not only go beyond our comfort zones, but leap out of them by teaching us several lessons.

These lessons include “time your hike to beat the sun” and “full campsites are okay since camping at Walmart is free.”

The one lesson that we repeatedly learned while travelling was to appreciate each destination because no other spot in the world is the same. Appreciate it by soaking in all you can with not only open eyes but also an open mind and heart.

This collection, Welcome to, is dedicated to the act of keeping that adventure with you and its lessons you learned along the way.

The designs derive from Mother Earth’s spirit. Despite not being indulged in a woodsy area or the beach when “returning to the real world,” the designs encompass nature’s magestic spirit thus allowing the wearer to have that sense of adventure with them.

Building your Empire will undoubtedly come with twists and turns. It may not require something like sleeping at Walmart but it will likely require you to not sleep at all for days because you will constantly ask yourself questions like “What next?”or “What path do I take?” As strenuous as the journey will be, the destination will feel oh-so-sweet once you get to the top and you can proudly say, Welcome to Pages

Click here to view the collection
Welcome to will begin being available at FAMESS2015 on July 25 then available online on July 27.

– ChiChai@Empire


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