“Welcome to” BTS cont.

Last weekend, our photography “intern” (aka Christopher’s grasshopper) Ray accompanied us on the latest Empire conquest– a photo-shoot for our upcoming collection Welcome toWelcome to commemorates traveling and the lessons learned from traveling. But, as I said last week, more on that later.




It’s always fun having Ray come along because he tends to capture the goofy moments during all our events. Christopher and I are usually on the more serious side so it’s nice to have another set of eyes chronicling the fun during our photo-shoots.


It’s slippery, Sam!


No, seriously. That tree was so slippery, Giann initially went barefoot in attempt to climb it.


By the way, have I mentioned yet that one of our models has become one of our interns too? Say hello to Ella, our video intern aka another Christopher grasshopper.



I usually can’t get Christopher to smile for the camera. Ray captured it twice.



I wish I could share more of his photos but they have to wait! Can’t post any photos that show the apparel just yet. Where’s the fun in that?

In the meantime, peace out homies!



We will release Welcome to very soon!

– ChiChai@Empire

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