Throwback: The Arts District

I have a confession. There are a handful of blog posts sitting in a “drafts” folder because I didn’t finish them in time. I know, I know.

Rather than leaving them behind to collect virtual dust and neglect like toys in a Pixar movie, I’m going to plug them into the blog every so often as a throwback.


All I have to say about Los Angeles’ Arts District is…

Um. How come no one’s ever brought me here before?


As Nea, Cestine, and I drove to the Container Yard for Ladies First Events back in March, we couldn’t help ooh-ing and ah-ing at almost every wall in the neighborhood. Murals adorned the brick-walled warehouses thus giving its passer-by’s access to a free art gallery. This district definitely earned its name.

DSC02918 DSC02909 DSC02899 DSC02879 DSC02873


Among the warehouses, the Arts District Co-Op  invited shoppers and curious tourists (like us) into its artisan spirit. Vendors from jewelry-makers to candle-makers sold their craft, adding to the bohemian spirit of the area.

As if the Arts District couldn’t get more photogenic… We topped off our Los Angeles Art District day at Urth Cafe and our friend Angie joined us.

Earl grey, chocolate, and matcha tiramisus? Don’t mind if we do!




Aside from the scrumptious dessert, freshness makes their savory menu. Each time I’ve gone to Urth Cafe since this first time, I’ve ordered the quesadilla again and again. That good.

DSC02810Art, artisans, and food? Hm. Maybe I like Los Angeles after all? Just kidding. You know I do. But, I’ll never give up hella.

Until next time LA!

– ChiChai@Empire

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