Good Music

There will always be that one person who compares anything from today with the infamous phrase back in my day.

Especially when it comes to music.

We may not tap our shoes to Louis Armstrong’s vibrant trumpet tunes. We may not sway back and forth to sweet harmonies by the TemptationsWe may not head bob to Tribe’s chill beats anymore. Okay, we may occasionally do all the above still.

But, the point is, music will never be exactly the same as Motown days, the 90’s, 2000’s, or even yesterday. Music is a forever-flowing entity riding waves towards infinite paths and possibilities.

The truth is… good music does exist. Today. It’s just a matter of how much you’re willing to find it or be open to it when it finds you.

If you don’t believe me, stop by the Fillmore Jazz Festival next year.

Drawing in a crowd of all ages, good music triumphantly took over San Francisco’s jazz hotspot last weekend for this year’s Fillmore Jazz Festival.  The wide array of vocalists, rhythm-makers, and groovers brought sunshine into the foggy city and no one said back in my day. Instead, everyone partied together because of the power of music.

Grace Kelly- a vocalist and a powerhouse saxophonist

Jazz Festival goers that couldn’t resist feeling the music


Lilan Kane- a vocalist with a smoky jazz swagger


Even the musicians had no age limit. This young lady is only 19! She drew in a crowd with her keyboard skills, complementing classy vocals, and her friend’s soulful trumpet.


Brooklyn Circus SF created a hella bumpin’ dance floor by bringing in DJ D-Sharp, DJ Daghe, and Soulection’s very own Whooligan and Esta.


Funk, R&B, all of hip-hops chapters– ooh, music felt good.



Music may not sound like back in the day but good music is definitely influenced by elements from back in the day. Today’s artists may put their own spin to it and has us tapping our shoes, swaying, and head bobbing to anew. Why should that be a bad thing? Look how powerful music can still positively bring people together!

What are you listening to?

– ChiChai@Empire

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