Throwback: Along the Coastline pt. IV

I have a confession. There are a handful of blog posts sitting in a “drafts” folder because I didn’t finish them in time. I know, I know.

Rather than leaving them behind to collect virtual dust and neglect like toys in a Pixar movie, I’m going to plug them into the blog every so often as a throwback.

Back in April, my cousins and I ventured down the California coastline with stops to several different beaches. You can read about parts I to III here!
Our very last stop was Abalone Cove in Palos Verdes. My cousin Leanne described this piece of the coast as one of her favorites and it is easily understood why.


The color palette of Abalone Cove, despite the gloominess, is beautiful.

Different shades of blues, greens, and yellow create its landscape. And the water? Crystal clear.

Can you tell that my fingers are in the water?


Abalone Cove is also a beach with a hint of adventure. Carefully climbing up and down slippery rocks are required to discover its treasure trove of tide pools.


This is my “holy-crap-you-better-not-fall-or-you-will-die-but-take-the-photo-real-quick” photo



My cousins and I stood in this cave for a few minutes to contemplate how we are going to get to the other side. The tide was rising but we wanted to get the most out of our last beach stop. So, in the water we went.


The drenched socks and shoes were worth it. DSC04145


– ChiChai@Empire

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  1. Moritz says:

    Looks absolutely beautiful! That must have been such an amazing hike!

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