Pow! Wow! Long Beach

Ever since Christopher and I visited Oahu last February, my spirit’s been itching with withdrawals from the island’s art and community. I miss walking down the streets of Kaka’ako to watch artists beautify the neighborhood; I miss meeting craftsmen, painters, and entrepreneurs with a warm support-local/made-local spirit; and I definitely miss the visual inspiration that the island naturally provided itself.

The festival that lured Christopher and I to Oahu in the first place announced its inaugural extension to our home-state; Pow! Wow! made its way to Long Beach, California.

Pow! Wow! invites artists from all over the world to paint murals in one city. In other words, it is the perfect opportunity for art-lovers to see their process and engage with them. As the Pow! Wow! Long Beach executive director Ron Nelson said, “This feat was something only artists working in a collaborative spirit with talent and intent could do.”


In collaboration with Thinkspace, Pow! Wow! artists illuminated the Long Beach Museum of Art with Vitality and Verve. This has to be my favorite part of Pow! Wow! Long Beach. There are people out there who think that street art isn’t art but vandalism. For the Pow! Wow! team to put these muralists into the “traditional environment” of art, I don’t doubt that the gallery lights transformed many people’s minds to see that art truly comes in an infinite amount of forms. Even in the Urban Landscape.

Now to the artwork…

Audrey Kawasaki, James Bullough, Mark Dean Veca, Curiot

Nychos and Tristan Eaton. Let me say this again, Nychos AND Tristan Eaton.

DSC08748 DSC08750



DSC08801 DSC08804

A whole lot of people…

And a close-up of Tatiana Saurez

Low Bros, Jeff Soto, Alex Yanes, and Nosego

Now, out the door and onto the walls…

Cryptik turning an apartment complex into a palace


Benjie Escobar turning an alleyway into something “cute” from “scary.” Seriously, those are the words he used to describe his mural.

Peek our friend Stephanie geekin’ out meeting him.

James Jean and Tristan Eaton. Okay, okay. I’ll freak out the same way earlier. James Jean AND Tristan Eaton.

Fafi killin’ it with her flower babes as usual


Aaron De La Cruz with his perfect and perfectly abstract puzzle pieces


New withdrawals are kicking in because of another Pow! Wow! of course. But, like from Oahu, got to use it as motivation for my own work. Thank you, Pow! Wow!

– ChiChai@Empire

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