The Bay is Gold

It is always a good time to be in the Bay Area (except during… you know, earthquakes) and it certainly was a historically great time to be in the Bay Area last week. The Golden State Warriors earned the title “Champions.”

Last Friday, thousands of people– proudly adorned in blue and gold– congregated to Oakland to celebrate with the Town and its team.


Someone told me 500,000 people attended whereas someone else told me there were a million. Either way, it felt as if the entire Bay crowded into one city.


DSC08486 DSC08509 DSC08502

DSC08566 DSC08571 DSC08574

And to continue the Warriors spirit after the rally celebration, Christopher and I headed to check out the Dubs mural by our homie Steve Ha and his Illuminaries partner Tim Hon.

DSC08578 DSC08590

What’s the coolest part of this mural, aside it having Stephen Curry morphed into Mac Dre, is that they allowed any of the mural’s visitors to sign it. Steve explained to us that they weren’t commissioned for the mural or anything– they purely wanted to create something for the Town. You can check out more of their work here.

DSC08588 DSC08584

Can you see where it says “Chris” and “ChiChai?” Never thought that I’d see our names on a mural, let alone, next to a thizz-facing Stephen Curry.


– ChiChai@Empire

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