A Place of Wonder

This wondrous San Franciscan treasure constantly calls the curious little kid in me to come back.

You can see creatures from other parts of the world, get a glimpse of what exploring those places would be like, and there’s something to learn and discover in every corner– all this at the Academy of Sciences.


Within the hustlin city, you can experience the lush green of a rainforest and see birds and butterflies thrive on it.

This butterfly loves green so much, it even made a pitstop onto a woman’s green jacket.


You can also travel down to the depths of the sea

DSC08630 DSC08631


Should’ve gotten this girl’s Instagram. Looks like she’s getting a good shot.

It always weirds me out to feel how rigid starfish are. I always imagine them to be squishy like Patrick Star.


I can sit upfront the Philippine Coral Reef aquarium for hours. The more time you spend here, the more variety of fish you get to see.


BRB. Attempting to draw some of these beauts.

– ChiChai@Empire


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