The Bold & Young

Lilian of Elements SJ invited Bay Area artist Jordan Herren and I to showcase our artwork in the store. And rather than having a simple art show to debut our latest pieces, the three of us decided to create an event correlating with the buzz revolving around our beloved blue and gold team, the Warriors.

We put together The Bold & Young last Sunday, a day party with summer treats, drinks, and an appropriate number of screens to show game 5 of the Warriors vs the Cavaliers

Photo courtesy of Melanie Macaraeg
Photo courtesy of Melanie Macaraeg

We even served Warriors themed drinks (thank you Pinterest.)


Shout-out to Benji for bartending all day!

My momma sometimes misses her catering days so she whipped out her inner Martha Stewart. A crepe bar, a pancake bar, chocolate and sprinkled covered strawberries, chicken in a blanket, and tortellini on a stick with pesto?! Thanks, lady! These plates ran out fast.

To stick o Empire event traditions, I also brought out the good ol’ crayons for a coloring table. Jordan and I threw in two designs for the fun.

And now for the main squeezes of the day…The artwork!

Jordan posted up his vibrant Bay Area lovin’ paintings throughout the shop. You can check out more of his work here.


We also sold our art prints next to our DJ for the day–DJ Technick, who happened to be wearing one of our five-panels. He ducked whenever Christopher tried to photograph him. Here’s his arm instead lol.


I wanted to come out with a new Warriors print for the event but I had the hardest time trying to think of a concept. I’m all for Bay Area teams, however, I’m nowhere near sports savvy. Christopher gave me the idea of drawing Riley with Steph because I always watch her videos for a good smile and laugh. I think you can guess which Riley press conference moment is my favorite.

Other than the Warriors themed poster, I also manifested pieces representing the power of  womynhood.


I may have designed the wood pieces but all credit for hardcore labor goes to Vanessa of Aumakua Treasures. If you didn’t know, Vanessa also made our earrings from the She is King collection. Thank you Vanessa for bringing these pieces to life!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
Designs by ChiChai@Empire, Woodwork by Aumakua Treasures

You can still check out mine and Jordan’s artwork at Elements SJ so be sure to stop by! All pieces are for sale and there are also prints available.

Thank you to everyone who came out and support Jordan and I! You certainly got me feelin’ way up and blessed.

– ChiChai@Empire

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