Grand Canyon

Our desert road trip concluded with Arizona’s most popular destination: the Grand Canyon.  According to CNN, it is actually the entire country’s second most popular.

But why? What brought 4.8 million people from all over the world to this national park last year?



Because it is a wonder and a mind-bogglingly humongous, gigantic, colossal, enormous and huge mystery that no matter how many panoramic shots you take, no photograph would ever show just how grand this canyon truly is.


This place effortlessly earned its name. It is grand. And it is, by any means, big.


A fellow road-tripper recommended to us the Bright Angel Trail , a zig-zagging trail down the cliffside with running-water pitstops at the 1.5 mile and 3 mile markers. I’m happy we took her recommendation because this moderate hike allowed us to get different perspectives of the canyon, refill our water bottles, and use the restroom! That’s a lot of spoilage for a hiking trail if you ask me.


This photo was taken in the middle of our hike down the Bright Angel Trail. It’s one of the few taken looking up. I wonder how massive the Grand Canyon must look like from the very bottom? Did you know that it’s about a mile deep?



A MILE DEEP! Imagine how much my heart would race every time Christopher stepped closer and closer to the edge. Anything for that shot.



My favorite part about our day in the Grand Canyon was the sunset. As the sun gently crawled down the sky to begin its journey elsewhere, it managed to bring new colors to life in the canyon and sky before disappearing below the horizon.


This view is the best conclusion to our trip.


– ChiChai@Empire

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  1. clifwil says:

    Great shots and commentary.

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