National Park Summer Essentials

Adventure is calling once more and this time, it is calling from deserts and beyond!

Christopher and I are out-of-state bound this week to a destination almost opposite of our last out-of-state trip together. Rather than the sea-breezes of Oahu, we are getting ready to trek different national parks in Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.

Here are my essentials


written from top, left to right

If you ever ask Sam@Empire, her boyfriend Junior, Chris@Empire, or I about Hydroflask, you would think we were their spokesmen. Hydroflask is a double-layered and vacuum-sealed water bottle. In other words, this magical water bottle keeps your ice solid for hours and there is no condensation.

Grosgrain Mini Boater Hat
Thank you Urban Outfitters for the $10 off straw hats just in time for this trip! This mini boat hat’s brim is long enough to protect the harsh inland sun-rays yet short enough to cease dramatics.

Sony a6000
How else will I blog for you lovelies! The Sony a6000 is a mirror-less camera with the simplicity, size, and ease of a point-and-shoot but with the quality of other DSLRs.

Pow Wow Hawaii Sketchbook
When I came back from Oahu, the island blessed my sketchbooks with an uncountable amount of inspiration. Bringing a sketchbook is essential when traveling because you never know what will spark that creative flame of yours while venturing. This sketchbook is small and light enough to easily fit in any of my bags for the trip.

Empire in the Air “She is King” Tank
Because this week’s destinations range from 75 to 100 degree weather, I packed an assortment of breathable and light-colored tops. This tank top happens to be my newest comfy top (can you sense the bias here?)

BDG High-Wasted Shorts
Like I said above… 75 to 100 degree weather. I also packed work-out shorts for hiking (not pictured.)

Hugo Boss Sunglasses
These are my shadiest sunglasses. Because of the chosen terrain, good sunglasses truly are essential. You need to assure that your eyes are protected from debris (i.e. desert sand) and aren’t strained by the lack of shade.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet
I have a pretty bulky laptop so traveling with it is a pain-in-the-butt. This tablet saves the day–or in better words–saves the blog! I can easily upload photos from my camera onto the tablet and blog from it!

Herschel Fanny-Pack
Fanny-pack. No shame. Herschel fanny-packs are on the bigger side (and make me feel even smaller) but it really does store a nice amount without the burdening of shoulders. From experience, I can stuff it with my phone, wallet, lip balm, an extra camera battery, and more!

Teva Original Sandals
Prior to this trip, I did hella research on hiking sandals. I’m not a hardcore hiker so i didn’t want to purchase in uber expensive shoes. I wanted to invest in sandals that would be useful for dirt and paved paths. All reviews pointed to these guys. And upon trying them on, one can instantly understand why.

Now for the current essential: sleep.

– ChiChai@Empire

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  1. #FindYourPark & have fun!!

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