Foodies (and the Journeys to them) in NYC

Discovering a new place to grub is a journey within itself.

Rather than asking what city or country, you ask yourself, “what city-style/country-style?” while keeping in mind how much and how far you are willing to go. Once you decide where, rather than must-sees, what are the must-eats? What are the must-tastes? Then, finally… the satisfactory sensation of first-handedly experiencing something you never knew your spirit longed for. Eyes close. And. Mm…

As rushed as our three days in NYC were, our appetites were fulfilled nonetheless with eyes-closing worthy food. Here are a few places we visited. (I apologize for the lack of actual food photos. I was always hungry from all that walking!)

Madison Square Eats
Paella, beer, popsicles, Japanese tacos– all sorts of local-eatery took over Madison Square Garden for the bi-annual Madison Square Eats. Think of an outdoor artisan marketplace for foodies. That’s exactly what it is!

Madison Square Eats will run until May 28 and will come back for the fall on September 4. Don’t miss out!… if you’re in Manhattan that is.

Milk Bar
“What the f is the hype all about?” I skeptically asked myself after a fourth person told me I “must” go to Milk. But, upon tasting the cereal milk soft-serve myself, it was love at first lick. How can ice cream ignite nostalgia? Their famous cereal milk flavored ice cream brings your tastebuds back to the days of slurping excess milk out of your cereal bowl. Now I’m asking myself, “How the f?” Don’t even get me started on the pastries… Let’s just say I understand why those recommenders were also cookie requesters.

The High Line
The High Line is one of the dopest parks I ever visited. The New York City Parks and Reaction transformed this 1930’s railroad path into a chic walkway and park. Nature adorns the remnant railroad tracks, breathing in more life to the concrete jungle.

So why is this park under a foodie post? Because a mini, yet tasteful, marketplace is found at one end. I believe most of the businesses found are local (i.e. I ate some comforting curry Empanadas from locally-owned La Sonrisa) but the only business that through me off upon seeing was Blue Bottle Coffee. Local or not, you get yummy food with a view.

Juliette in Brooklyn
My cousins Allyson and Ate Kat picked the perfect brunch spot for mother’s day: Juliette. This French-inspired bistro won points prior to the grubbing. Juliette provided a refreshing yet cozy ambiance with greenery and French Art Nouveau paintings, a true Parisian feel.

Then came the food… Their menu balanced the options between the savory eaters and the sweet-tooths– from egg benedicts to dutch pancakes. For French-inspired food, although the quantity was heftier than anticipated, the scrumptious quality of flavors and ingredients were definitely not lost.

The Handy Liquor Bar and Chalk Point Kitchen

This is the one bar and restaurant I regret not taking enough photos at. My family and I just had too much fun. My cousin works here so we not only received top-notch service, we also received family-scaled hospitality. (Even her boss dined with us!) However, family or not, I don’t doubt that they create a warm-welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Heck. Even Beyonce eats here (I’m serious.)

The Chalk Point Kitchen is a homey restaurant influenced by several cultures. In Chalk Point alone, you can order a pan-roasted Maine codfish and a Korean BBQ pork chop. And, if it’s too busy and you need a drink, you can wait downstairs at the Handy Liquor Bar. Leather cushions, a fireplace, marble tabletops, and Moscow mules– the Handy Liquor Bar is like an underground cavern, hiding all the cool cats from prohibition.

Can’t wait to go back to New York to try more food! But for now… let me find dinner right here in Oakland.

– ChiChai@Empire

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