The Concrete Jungle

LitWorld, a major partner of Project PEARLS, invited my mother and I to a gala in its home base city: New York, New York.


My mom and I luckily had a few days before the LitWorld gala to roam around this major metropolitan. We caught up with some of our East Coast family members and friends, ate local eateries, shopped local goodies, and walked more steps than our Californian feet ever thought could.

People didn’t lie when describing New York City. It surely is a concrete jungle made for strutting. Life felt so fast-paced here, majority of my photos were taken while walking.

Here are some photos I took around Manhattan and Brooklyn (the only two boroughs we were able to explore)


So this is what the New York subway looks like…
If only I was able to understand conductor-talk as well as Lily Aldrin from How I Met Your Mother.

Rockerfeller Center

My cousin and I talked about how genius Central Park is. Its purpose is literally meant to keep the locals sane by keeping them in touch with nature. This is the most greenery you’ll see in any of my photos from the trip.

DSC04449 DSC04440

Can you spot the 24-hour Apple store?


A few street art snaps from Brooklyn and Manhattan

Among 5th Ave’s shopping galore, the St. Patrick Cathedral stands 330 feet tall as if competing with its neighboring skyscrapers.

DSC04431 DSC04427

I’m pretty bummed we didn’t have the chance to walk the Brooklyn Bridge but… at least we took a taxi across it?


“Worst place on earth filled with tourists doing this…” my NYC born-and-raised cousin Allyson said as she pretended to stare dumbfounded at a building.


The Empire State Building as seen from one of the many Starbucks.


Dear NYC, you’re a head-turning and neck-breaking city… it is easily understood why people look up to you (literally and figuratively.) And, despite not being able to see the stars, you make your own.


– ChiChai@Empire

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