Along the Coastline pt. III

Hello, San Diego! aka where the rain caught up with us. I thought y’all said it never rains in Southern California?

Rain or shine, San Diego proved to be beautiful nonetheless. Here are a few photos of the calm before the storm.

DSC03960 DSC03962

We drove around Sunset Cliffs looking for Pinterest’s recommended spots for cliff jumping. We unfortunately did not find the spot but instead found this sign everywhere. We also found locals who told us “I mean… You could. Just watch out for cops.”  Pass.


DSC03970 DSC03974

What we did get to do, regardless of the downpour rolling in, was kayak the whirling La Jolla waves.kayak

You can catch a glimpse of that here in a video my cousin Leanne made

– ChiChai@Empire

P.s. If you ever find yourself bitten by an adventure bug or an all-California-made-and-designed shopping spree bug, we highly recommend Everyday California! For kayak and snorkeling tours, they treat you like buddies and not just tourists while assuring you that you’re in safe hands and flippers. Plus! Their apparel is awesome and so comfy that you’ll want to venture and sleep in them.


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