UnderRATED 2015

One of our favorite returning spots to vendor is at the University of San Francisco for Kasamahan’s UnderRATED.  Last Friday we got to revisit the campus and see our friends at Kasamahan again.  Not only is UnderRATED showcasing talented filipinos and filipinas, it also allows them to embrace the love for their culture by doing what they love to do.  Plus Empire in the Air gets lots of love too!

This particular UnderRATED event went to out to the Filipino Street Art Project– a mixture of film, multimedia art, community engagement, and creativity.  Empire quickly made friends with Austin and Kim, founders of Filipino Street Art and we’re hoping to interact with them more in the future.  Be on the lookout for them!


To all our homies from Kasamahan– much love and keep pushing for our “Empire.  Thank you to Trish for inviting us back to show our newest collection SHE IS KING


Peep some of our lovely supporters (sorry for those we couldn’t get pictures of):

Hope to see everyone again next year! In the meantime, keep reaching for your Empire in the Air from the ground up.


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