Your Empire Open Mic

Every year we throw a spring party to celebrate a release of a new collection. We had , as the kids call it, a “turn up” in 2013 and a chilled art gallery feel in 2014. This year took another direction again with two  things to celebrate: our first in-store pop-up shop and our supporters’ empires.

Elements SJ in downtown San Jose opened its doors to us for our pop-up shop. Starting last week, thanks to Sam and Jelyn from Empire and Lilian from Elements, you can now check out all of our apparel, artwork, and accessories! (Yes, I jumped up and down because we’re in a store.)

We also invited the lovely magical-wood-art-maker Vanessa of Aumakea Treasures to vendor. She’s actually the one who produced our earrings and stamps!


RAY_0072 RAY_0082

To set the good vibes, our friends Warren and Steven spun hip-hop to funk. Steven also cracked some jokes and beatboxin’ beats as MC (whom Christopher put on the spot last minute lol. Love you Steven!)

RAY_0117 RAY_0144 RAY_0075

The main event of our spring party this year was the open mic. Poets, rappers, vocalists, instrumentalists came from all over the Bay Area to share their passions with us and damn. We are convinced this won’t be the last. Each and every performer shined when they got on stage to present their empire with us.  You can check a few of them out at their respective links:

  1. Andre
  2. Kaleb Askew (
  3. Isaiah Calub
  4. Justine
  5. Nic Cabrera
  6. Mr. No Name (
  7. Ella Greely, Heratio & Suvin
  8. Andre & Giann Carlos
  9. Vizzy Masters (
  10. Kristine Untalan
  11. Mike Villa
  12. Justin & Adrian Malimban (

Performers and non-performers gave the night a positive atmosphere, keeping the energy and support up for us and all the performers.


A huge thank you to everyone who made it out to “Your Empire!” Your support means the world and I’m happy we got to celebrate our empires together!

– ChiChai@Empire

P.s. Special thanks to Hidee and Ansel for all the help! And Ray for being the photographer for the evening!
P.s.s. Special thanks to all of our performers!

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