Spring/ Summer 2015: She is King

We usually create “unisex” clothing to appease both men and womyn. However, female supporters began outnumbering our male supporters this past year. This got us asking ourselves if we should transition to cater towards womyn streetwear. Well… if this brand’s founder is a womyn and majority of our supporters are womyn…?

We concluded with: yes.

No, we are not discontinuing men’s clothing, but we are going to begin focusing moreso on womyn because there isn’t enough of us out their in this streetwear game.

Someone actually asked me,“How will you survive in streetwear when it’s a male-dominated industry?” I simply replied, “I will.”

Why should being a womyn define my success rate? Thanks to pioneer womyn in streetwear, dominating urban fashion with a female flare was proven possible.

Womyn in streetwear and beyond­­– from activists to actresses­– continually prove being a womyn in any industry (let alone society) isn’t merely a matter of surviving.

To me, queen, despite a positive connotation, still implies a level below the other and a dependency for him. Everyone, man or womyn, should be able to reach their highest potential without the oppressions of a title.

We too can lead others out of darkness. We too can provide for ourselves, our family and our kingdom. We are all royal.

But not everyone sees that, giving us the biggest reason to transition to womyn streetwear.

Empire is about supporting those defying the odds against them so why not represent those constantly challenged the most?

Which brings us to our first collection dedicated to the ladies:

She is King Page 1

Click here to view the collection
And here to shop

– ChiChai@Empire

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