Yosemite: Sunrise to Sunset

To celebrate a free Saturday, a rarity for Christopher and I, we drove off in the night for a destination we longed to revisit: Yosemite National Park.

DSC02933 DSC02938

We arrived just in time. The sun began its crawl to the cliff tops , embracing the landscape with soft golden arms.

DSC02967 DSC02970



DSC03038 DSC03044 DSC03049

DSC03057 DSC03064 DSC03084

Warning: this post will have the most photographs of our own photographer you will ever see. (He needs time to shine as a model too lol).

DSC03090 DSC03094


DSC03160 DSC03242 DSC03301

#teamcozy #caughtintheair

As the sun made its way back down the cliff sides and engulfed into the horizon, we knew it was time to say goodbye.


DSC03386 DSC03387

DSC03392 DSC03393


DSC03395– ChiChai@Empire

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