Ladies First

Whether it be a small moment or a life-changing event– from Lauren Conrad naming “CEO” as her favorite position to Malala Yousafzai’s dangerous fight for girls’ education– all contribute to the fact that womyn throughout the world are shining brighter than ever. More voices heard and more mountains moved because of this ever-growing empowerment for equality, recognition, and respect.

Womynhood is another reason why Nea, Cestine, and I travelled to Los Angeles. The three of us celebrated International Womyn Day this past Sunday at the Ladies First Event and indulged in female-led fashion, art, and music.



Ladies First felt like a heavenly playground for fashionistas

DSC02768They offered hella freebies to doll us up for Womyn’s Day– metallic tattoos by Snap Tats, a beauty bar by Glam Squad, manicures by Wrap Artist Nails, and henna by Nehassar.

An all-female DJ line-up energized the warehouse throughout the day


And fashion-bloggers and renowned womyn labels transformed the Container Yard into a shopping galore– Stussy, Hellz, and Love+Made at sample sale prices? Don’t mind if we do!

DSC02728 DSC02722 DSC02716

When I first started Empire, someone asked me how would I survive in streetwear since it is a male-dominated industry. I simply replied, “I will.” I’m sure I didn’t have a detailed plan how I would yet but I knew I wouldn’t let being a womyn define my success rate, especially because it’s already been proved possible.

Thanks to pioneer womyn in the streetwear game, they demonstrated that dominating urban fashion is possible to do so with a female flare. One of these womyn include Linda Nguyen, founder of the clothing brand Love+Made, who also launched Obey’s and LRG’s womyn collections. (This photo was taken after I calmed down from fan-girling)



Did I mention yet that they served mimosas in Hellz Bellz party cups?


I don’t think I could have asked for a better Sunday– a room full of womyn beautiful inside and out, positive vibes, empowerment, and inspiration? We’ll definitely be back for the next Ladies First Event.

Happy International Womyn [Every]Day!

Thank you Cestine and Nea for joining me on this LA adventure and Ate Angie for sending me the flyer (lol).

– ChiChai@Empire


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