Getaway to LA

“Wanna go to LA with me?” I asked my best friend Celestine last Friday afternoon.

She instantly replied with excitement “Ooh! When?”


Thank goodness Cestine’s travel bug bite is the same size as mine, if not bigger. She texted me a few hours with a yes and cheesing emojis.

A not-so-quick but just-as-excited “f it, why not!” confirmation came from my old roommate Nea. I may or may not have peer-pressured her the past week to join me on this trip.

The three of us left Friday evening to begin our mini vacation to Los Angeles without much on the agenda except for a couple of must-go-to events. Like the trip itself, we were down for spontaneity.



This would be my first Southern California trip in years that didn’t include Disneyland so going down for a nearly LA-only weekend sounded refreshing. Don’t get me wrong, I love Disneyland but, as much as this hella girl wants to admit, SoCal offers more than the “Happiest Place’s” predictability. Within LA itself, doors to several different worlds open themselves to those willing to find them.

Before I get into the two doors that we travelled south to explore… Let’s talk about where our curiosity and cravings led us to.

First stop: the Hollywood Hills.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know this is probably the most touristy thing one can do in LA but we figured we should hike to this signature sign at least once in our lives. And, despite the heat, lack of shade, and the oh-so-inviting horse manure… the top’s view was breathtaking.

We headed to Little Tokyo later on that day for a prelude to shopping and satisfaction for our sweet-tooths.


Again, as much as I don’t want to admit it, Little Tokyo is my favorite out of the three California Japantowns. This cluster of shops and foodie finds provides a range of traditional to modern goodies for everyone.


Illest– the brand preaching that None but ourselves can free our mind.


They are currently exhibiting Antonio Brasko’s collection “Brandalism” which depicts the relationship between graffiti and brand names

DSC02544 We also made our way to the store of Jason Markk. Jason Markk’s magical shoe-cleaner is reviving everyone’s favorite pair of sneakers all over the world.

How legit is it that they also have a dry-cleaning type of service for those in the streetwear game?

Then came the perfect treats to treat ourselves that night: Cafe Dulce’s fun and Asian-influenced flavored pastries.


Mm… Spontaneity at its finest spoiled us from the start of our trip and I didn’t even explain why LA was our getaway’s destination yet!

Stay tuned for more!

– ChiChai@Empire

P.s. Huge shout-out to JJ and Kevin for providing us with a home for the weekend! You two are the loveliest ladies from the trendy SilverLake neighborhood lol.

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