Purpose Driven Type

Combining photography and typography, Roxanne Pasibe and Maria Ignacio of the Aesthetic Project created a project called Purpose Driven Type. Purpose Driven Type tells the story of passion-driven people through portraits and lettering. Roxanne and Maria switch off between photo-shoots and drawing for the different interviewees– What are the odds that the two have an eye for both mediums!

I had the pleasure of partaking in their February installment. Check out my feature below! To view more from the Aesthetic Project, click here.

Our other February installment of Purpose Driven Type. Meet Francesca aka Chichai, founder and creative director of Empire in the Air // If you want it, you can have it.


“I love working with others to create something beautiful for the common goal of giving and inspiring. That’s my mission with Empire in the Air; create to give in hopes that we inspire others to do the same with their gifts.”

I met Francesca a few years ago while we were both students at San Jose State University. She has big dreams, and big aspirations. Over the years I’ve gotten to know her, she has always been a self-motivated, ambitious, strong-minded woman who is an inspiration for so many of her peers.

We’ve talked over and over about her streetwear brand, Empire in the Air. I’ve been familiar with her brand for quite some time. During our photoshoot, we went back to the root of it all and discussed her mission and her reason for starting Empire. She shared with me three words that it all came down to: Community, Writing, Art. A platform to tie these three things together in a way that inspires others. I’ve seen the brand continue to grow, and work together with Project Pearls to make a real difference within the community and the world.

To find out more about Francesca, and her presence in the world, check out these sites:




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