The Stairway to Heaven

The wind swept through the trees with a roar louder than waves crashing onto the shore, causing us to grasp on whatever we could find as we trekked across the Koolau Mountain Range. Eight miles of relying on ropes, roots, and branches became a matter of survival.

This treacherous eight-mile-long path had a poetic irony to it. Ups, downs, wanting to give up, and praying to push on– all this to reach the Haiku Stairs aka the Stairway to Heaven.


But we made it. And the view certainly was heavenly.

DSC01845 DSC01848 Then came the steep and rickety, yet beautiful, 3,922 steps staircase


DSC01846 DSC01847 DSC01849 DSC01851

– ChiChai@Empire

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