The Pow! Wow! Hawaii! Finale

The weeklong art congregation met its bitter but oh-so-sweet end yesterday and, well, it was poppin. Art in all its mediums flowed through the “support local” minded crowd as the aroma of scrumptious food trucks filled the air for the Pow Wow! Hawaii! and Honolulu Night Market block party.


Becoming the Pow! Wow! hub, DJs, live music, a Pow! Wow! pop-up shop, and live art was all found at Lana Lane Studios last night.


Although most of the murals were completed by Saturday, the Secret Walls brought together 14 artists for a finale creation in an All Star Royal Rumble. Two teams of distinguished artists battled it out for the best murals. Ninety minutes, only black and white paint and ink, seven artists each team equalled two amazing murals and one amazed crowd.


Team One: Sophia Chang, Kevin Lyons, Tati Suarez, Lauren YS, Greg Mike, Boy Kong, and Caratoes

Team Two: Slick, Woes, Hueman, Nosego, Mung4Chun, Puff, and BMD

DSC02369 DSC02232

This was the perfect end to such a great week; We spent our last night in Hawaii indulged in the Honolulu community of virtuosos and aesthetic enthusiasts as well as watch the creative process of artists that we admire. A million more thank you’s and warm fuzzies to Pow! Wow! Hawaii! for making this all possible and Hawaii itself for welcoming us in.

– ChiChai@Empire

P.s. If you’re ever in Honolulu, be sure to check out Mori and the magazine Abstract!


When Christopher and I first landed in Hawaii, we stopped by Mori and Pete (middle) was the first to show us the aloha hospitality. We also had the honor of meeting Abstract’s editor-in-chief, James Charisma, and the founder of Mori, Aly Ishikuni (who also rocked the stage at the block party by the way with her band Altair)


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