A Stroll Down Pow! Wow!

I spent my last year in college saving all my tip money and putting money aside every paycheck for Pow! Wow! Hawaii! 2014, an annual gathering of artists from around the world to bring color to Honolulu’s Kaka’ako district. However, a family emergency occurred so our road to Pow! Wow! had to be set aside.

A year later, here we are as Pow! Wow! and Hawaii itself exceed my already high I-daydreamed-about-this-everyday expectations.


These are the murals that we had the opportunity to witness come to life yesterday

On Halehauwila and PohuKaina Street
(Top left to right w/ IG names) David Flores (@davidfloresart) and Olivia Bevilacqua (@tartofgold) , Kaiili Kaulukukui (@artworkofkai, Hueman (hueman_), Matt and Roxy Ortiz (@wooden-wave)

Fresh Cafe Kakaka’ako (freshcafehi)


Aaron Horkey (@aaronhorkey), Slick (@og_slick), and Aaron kai (@aaronkkai)

A 1xRun exhibition is also found at the Fresh Cafe in their gallery Loft in Space. Looking at these art prints from artists like Sainer and Naturel made me wish I had a few hundreds to spare.

Lana Lane Studios (@lanalanestudios)
An oldie but goodie from Nychos (@nychos), Woes Martin (@woes) and Yis Goodwin (@nosego), Vincent Di Nguyen (@vincentdinguyen and @saigonradio), and Jeffrey Gress (@pro_gress)

Can’t wait to continue exploring Kaka’ako District for more!

– ChiChai@Empire

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